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Major Ransomware Attack on NHS Causes Massive Disruption

Major Ransomware Attack on NHS Causes Massive Disruption

Some hackers are in it for the disruption and power, others are in it for the money. Unfortunately, the UK NHS has become victim to ransomware hackers that have caused widespread disruption to the health service.

Cybersecurity officials speculate that the latest ransomware attack could take a while to fix. Major IT providers claim that the attack could take a month or more to remedy, and that it has caused wide-spread issues across the health service.

The cybersecurity breach has affected the digital system that is used to dispatch ambulances, issue emergency prescriptions, and book out-of-hour medical appointments.

An attack on such a vital and central part of UK society is not being taken lightly, and is under ongoing investigation. It is not yet known who is behind the latest cybersecurity attack.

The NHS was affected through one of its major IT providers, Advanced. The attack affected the 111 service of the NHS, and it’s call handlers were l...

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