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How To Set Your Home Network Settings Up for Higher Security

How To Set Your Home Network Settings Up for Higher Security

Is your home security network set up to properly protect you whilst you’re browsing the internet?

You might think about security mainly when it comes to browsing public networks or connecting to other people’s Wi-Fi. But you also need to take precautionary steps when at home. Usually in our home we feel the safest, especially when it comes to the internet. You probably have multiple devices connected to your Wi-Fi without question. But if you don’t regularly check that your home network is protected and safe, you might be putting yourself under unnecessary risk.

You can do different things to protect your home network by following some of the steps within this blog article!

Router Firewall

Most routers have a great firewall but it is not automatically switched on, you will need to do this manually. Good firewalls help to prevent people joining and leaving your home network without your permission.

However, sometimes firewalls can slow...

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