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How to secure the best deals with Discount Coupons

How to secure the best deals with Discount Coupons

In this day and age, we aren’t talking about snipping coupons out of magazines and newspapers! Most of the coupons have gone online and can be found on websites and apps. So, here’s our handy guide to finding and making the most of discount coupons in the digital age.

1. Cashback Apps

There are various cashback apps out there which can help you recover up to 100% of the cost of the item. How they work is this:

  • Make sure you buy the correct item that corresponds to the discount/coupon. It often has to be the exact same size so be aware.
  • Also make sure that you get your receipt as you will need this as proof that you have bought the item. If you are shopping online, you can screenshot your order email.
  • Send in a photo of your receipt and you can earn your cashback.

Shopmium is a great example of an app like this as it allows you money back on selected...

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