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How to Protect Yourself from AirTag Stalking

How to Protect Yourself from AirTag Stalking

Apple AirTags have been on the market since April 2021, but what are they? Apple AirTags are marketed as a super easy way to track your stuff. They are little tags that you can attach to your keys, backpack, or remote control if you’re always losing them. Using your ‘Find My’ app you can find these items anywhere by tracking the location of the relevant AirTag. AirTags don’t have an additional subscription cost, once you’ve bought them there’s no hidden costs. For a pack of 4 AirTags you are looking at a cost of around £80-90. Each Apple ID can be associated with up to 16 AirTags meaning you can track up to 16 of your or your family’s belongings at any one time.

Since there release AirTags have earned a bad reputation for enabling criminal activity, by tracking people and their possessions without permission. We are going to take a look into how AirTags work and how they have been abused for criminal activity in this article. We will give you an insight into how to avoid...

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