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How to identify a phishing web page

How to identify a phishing web page

Have you ever found yourself on a familiar website, but something just did not feel quite right? Maybe the logo seemed a bit stretched, you spotted a misspelling, or there was just something otherwise fishy going on. You may have landed on a phony webpage, crafted by a cyber-criminal with the intent of stealing your credentials and further sensitive information to commit fraud.

This is known as ‘phishing’, and is a common form of cyberattack employed by criminals to steal data and commit fraud. Those engaging in phishing attempts will commonly replicate reputable websites in the hopes of extracting information. The websites they tend to target include payment portals like PayPal, social media platforms like Facebook, and popular e-commerce sites like Amazon.

Phishing attempts may not necessarily mimic popular sites though, they can take other forms, like fake prize sites. There are a number of ways these websites might appear on the screen...

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