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How to find the best deals on train tickets

How to find the best deals on train tickets

It was reported in a recent research study that the UK’s train fares cost as much as 30% more than equivalent tickets available in Europe – and unfortunately rail fares don’t seem to be going down any time soon. It can easily become a burdening expense added onto a day trip somewhere or a visit to family, especially if you’re travelling as a group or with children.

But there are ways to save and there are some good deals out there – it’s just knowing where to find them! Which is where we can help you.

Here we run through our top three best train travel deals and detail how you can take advantage of them:

Split your tickets across your journey

Many of us naturally tend to buy a ticket for our whole journey from A to B. But did you know that doing that might not be the cheapest way to travel? Purchasing tickets for each part of the journey – splitting your tickets - might bring the cost down.

How does it work? Say you’re travell...

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