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Grants and freebies available from energy providers

Grants and freebies available from energy providers

At a time when energy costs are rising for many people across the UK, there may be a glimmer of hope to make some savings to those who are eligible via two of the grants and free schemes available from various energy providers.

From a grant towards the cost of replacing your old boiler, to getting hold of free loft and cavity wall insulation, it’s well worth investigating whether you are entitled to claim for either and in turn reap the savings on your energy bills in the future.

There are many well-known energy suppliers taking part in the schemes, including EDF Energy, SEE, British Gas, Scottish Power, Ovo, Shell Energy, Utility Warehouse, Utilita and Octopus Energy.

But why are these energy companies offering such grants and free schemes? Well, depending on their size, many of them have obligations placed on them to ensure that homes become more energy efficient, and they are tasked with making this more achievable for people who may be vulnerable...

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