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7 Top Tips to Save Money as a Student

7 Top Tips to Save Money as a Student

Being a student isn’t always easy because you have to juggle so many hats! In this article we look at some good ways that you can save money easily whilst you’re studying.

Studying in higher education in the UK can be expensive, which is also magnified by the fact that you can’t work full time either. Luckily, there are some easy ways that you can save some cash which should minimize your outgoings, and hopefully increase your emergency savings for those unexpected bills.

Eat At Home

Students are well-known for eating beans on toast. Which—to be fair—isn’t actually the worst meal. It’s full of protein and carbohydrates which help to energize you and your brain for long stints of studying... But most people don’t want to live on a diet of solely tuna pasta and baked beans on toast! It can be really easy to get caught up in university life and to want to eat and drink out a lot with your friends—but it all adds up. It is so much cheaper to eat at hom...

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