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The best upcoming movies and series on Netflix

The best upcoming movies and series on Netflix

Those looking for the latest things to watch on Netflix- look no further. This is our quick guide to some of the most anticipated releases for the spring and later this year. These are some of the sure to be hits that will be on the streaming platform, for those that don’t have Netflix, it is quick and easy to sign-up!

Here’s some of the few that we think are worth watching, whether you love an action-movie, binge-watching a new Tv series or discovering new documentaries- Netflix certainly has something for everyone!

The Adam Project
This star-studded sci-fi action was released earlier in March, if you haven’t yet seen it then it is definitely one to check out! Ryan Reynolds stars as a time-travelling pilot, who must face his past along with the younger version of himself (played by Walker Scobell) and his late father (Mark Ruffalo). Crash landing in 2022 from 2050, he agrees with his 12 year-old younger self that they must work togethe...

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