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Review: The Nintendo Switch OLED

Review: The Nintendo Switch OLED

Since the new console’s release on Friday 8th October, it has been rather difficult to get hold of here in the UK. Starting at the price of £309.99, the sought-after device is sold out at most major retailers, and as of the time of writing, the only place you can purchase it is Argos.

The release was long-awaited; back in September, the PS5 ended the Nintendo Switch’s nearly three-year reign as the best-selling console, but this victory on Sony’s part was rather short-lived, with the OLED model release putting Nintendo back in the top-spot. So, what is it that critics and customers love about the device? What is new with the OLED version, compared with the original Switch? Let’s explore.

So, the OLED version is an updated version of the original console, which was originally released way back in 2017. Of course, while an upgrade has been hotly anticipated by Nintendo fans, t...

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