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Review: Sky Glass, The Streaming TV from Sky

Review: Sky Glass, The Streaming TV from Sky

Sky Glass is the all-new streaming TV from Sky. It’s the only TV with Sky built in to the actual television, meaning you can stream every movie, every show and every app over Wi-Fi without needing a dish or a box or any fuss! Sky Glass puts a world of TV at your instant voice command, and TechRadar has announced that “Sky Glass changes everything”.

Sky have always been famous for the ability to record and watch shows at your convenience. But Sky Glass goes one step better, with the ability to add shows to your playlist, across all apps and channels. With the playlist function you can record shows from top channels including BT Sports, Eurosport, Gold and many more. What’s even better is that you don’t have to worry about scheduling or clashes, as it is all stored on the cloud! We’ve all been there, when you’ve had to make that devastating choice between recording Grey’s Anatomy or Match of the Day. Well Sky Glass says no more to this issue!

Sky Glass has six p...

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