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Review: HP Omen 27c

Review: HP Omen 27c

Just last month, Hewlett-Packard unveiled the newest arrival in its Omen gaming product family, which looked to be a compelling addition for gaming enthusiasts seeking a brand new, top-of-the-line computer monitor. The idea is to provide an immersive visual experience with high-end specs and an optimal balance between screen size and resolution. As of now, the device is only available on the US market, at the price of $529.99, although HP says UK consumers can expect that the model will launch here soon, too.

The Omen 27c was actually the recipient of the Good Design Award at the Japan Institute of Design Promotion for superior design and functionality – an impressive feat. The exterior has three thin bezels and a thicker bottom bezel, presenting a sleek, minimal design which fits nicely in with HP’s Omen range of desktop computer systems.

In fact, the design is similar to that of HP’s prior release, the non-curved Omen 27i, as it feature...

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