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Review - Dyson Cool Tower

Review - Dyson Cool Tower

Dyson technology is possibly the ultimate in moving air around. Whether they’re sucking air with their vacuum cleaners, or blowing it with their hairdryers and fans, movement of air is their ‘thing.’ Known for cool styling, and premium price tags, Dyson is a household name for household tech.

Their first fans were a hit despite the high price, the bladeless design appealed to both parents concerned about little fingers and hair getting too close, and to those more focused on style with few inquisitive members of the household to worry about. The range has expanded over the years to include a Dyson Hot and a Dyson Hot + Cool, as well as the original ‘Air Multipliers’ (now Dyson Cool). The range also includes both floor standing tower fans and a smaller desktop sized fan, as well as air purifiers and humidifiers. Prices range from £350 for the Cool Purifying Tower fan up to £600 for the Purifier Humidify + Cool AutoReact.

The Dyson Cool Tower fan will set you bac...

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