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Review: Carrera Vengeance E Men’s Electric Bike

Review: Carrera Vengeance E Men’s Electric Bike

With an ever-increasing focus on the environment and the ongoing effects of climate change, many people are looking to use bicycles to travel around, perhaps from and to work, or just when generally commuting.

Many retailers have noticed that there is a natural crossover between products which serve a greener purpose and when that technology can be adapted to be used primarily for leisure too, which is where the market of electric – or e – bikes has been booming.

But what is an e-bike? An electric bike, or e-bike, has an electric powered motor that’s designed to assist with pedalling. The motor is normally lodged either the front or rear wheel, or in the central hub with the pedals. It’s important to note that e-bike motors are only legally allowed to assist you up to a maximum speed of 15.5mph or 25km/h. This means that if or when you’re travelling at greater speeds – for example, when you’re going downhill – the motor is designed to cut out and it’s all down...

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