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Review: Apple’s iOS 15

Review: Apple’s iOS 15

Apple’s new operating system was in public beta for months undergoing various tweaks and amends, leading up to its final release this autumn. It isn’t unheard of for Apple to cut support for older phones with the release of the newest version of iOS. This time, however, they are continuing support for older devices; iOS 15 supports all the same models as iOS 14 did the year prior. However, as Ars Technica points out, some of the new features and improvements won’t work on older models, such as the updates to FaceTime, the addition of LiveText, and some changes to Siri, including offline support.

Visually, iOS 15 does not dramatically alter the way your interface appears. On top of this, the upgrade is not defined by just a couple significant feature additions, rather, changes are smaller and subtle – but there is a lot of them. As expected, Ap...

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