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Top 10 Supermarket Money Saving Tips

Top 10 Supermarket Money Saving Tips

If you prefer to shop in your local supermarket rather than online, this is the guide for you. We’ve gathered together some of the best tips for saving money while you browse the aisles. As supermarkets use all sorts of tricks to entice you into spending more money, here’s our tips to help you beat their system!

1. Be aware of the enticements to spend

Often, stores are laid out to make sure that us customers cover the entire store for everything we need, so that we will see other things on the way round. Who knew that you needed a new mop!

Watch out also for the treats and magazines placed by the till. As these tend to be impulse buys, it’s their last-ditch attempt to get us to part with our cash. Examine whether you really want them or whether it is just an impulse buy or treat that you can live without.

Watch out also for things are labelled to look like they are in the sale or are discounted but they are not really. Usin...

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