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How Do Free To Play Games Make Money?

How Do Free To Play Games Make Money?

In the not-too-distant past, playing a game on your phone or laptop would set you back quite a bit of money! You would pay big bucks for a game, and then play it without needing to pay for any additional content. But these days, you can get thousands of free games downloaded straight onto your phone or laptop.

Once you have downloaded a free game you have some options. You can continue on in the game and pay for additional content. The additional content will allow you to get ahead in the game or play with extra content. This may seem like a strange business strategy, why would a company give away their hard work for free, in the hope that consumers may spend money on additional content within their product? But this strategy does work! Otherwise, why would thousands of games exist where this is the case? You get hooked on an addictive game, and when you are offered the chance of purchasing additional content, of course, you jump at the chance, never mind the cost.

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