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Easy DIY Hacks for Your Home

Easy DIY Hacks for Your Home

General wear and tear can leave your home looking tired and forgotten, and when you are living on a budget, unexpected repairs can be a real nightmare. So having the knowhow on how to solve DIY problems at home, without having to call a professional with extortionate rates, can be a life saver. In this article we will let you in on some our home hack secrets that could save you a pretty penny.

Hairdryer for Crayon

Up first we have a great hack for those of us with children who want to explore their creative side... all over our walls! But never fear, use your hairdryer to heat the offending section of wall for a few seconds to heat the wax, and then simply wipe away the crayon with a soft cloth. No need for a professional decorator!

Towel Wrapped Tongs

Is the thought of cleaning your blinds filling you with dread, and forcing you to consider calling in a professional cleaner? Well think again. A simple way of getting those pesky blinds clean and...

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