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9 Different Work from Home Jobs | Part 2

9 Different Work from Home Jobs | Part 2

In the second blog of this two-part article series, we conclude with the final set of work from home jobs that you can do with a laptop and often just a bit of experience on your CV.

If you missed the first part, be sure to check that out before reading this article!

5. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a great industry that you can get involved with and there are many different parts of it, so you’re quite likely to find something that you enjoy. If you enjoy working with words, perhaps you want to explore copywriting which is a combination of sales and advertisements using words, also known as ‘words that sell’.

Or perhaps you enjoy creating things such as artwork? If so, you might like creating graphics for marketing such as advertisements or social media graphics. Perhaps you’re great at creating viral content and editing videos? Or maybe you’re a wiz at analytics and finetuning marketing strategies?

Like many of the othe...

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