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7 Of the Best Things to Do in Brighton, East Sussex

7 Of the Best Things to Do in Brighton, East Sussex

Brighton is a popular seaside city, and is one-part of the ‘City of Brighton and Hove’ area in East Sussex County. Brighton has a stunning coastline and really isn’t too far from London, which makes it popular with London’s city workers.

Many people live in Brighton and commute to work in London, and in contrast many people who live and work in London, like to holiday in Brighton.

Brighton has a bustling culture that thrives on music, art, and the eco-lifestyle movement. You’ll find a lot of history within the area, with some archaeological finds suggesting that the settlements here date all the way back to the Bronze Age, Roman, and Anglo-Saxon time periods.

Royal Pavillion

The Royal Pavillion is a special and grand-looking building. The architecture looks like something straight from India or the Middle East, it is often compared to the Taj Mahal. The Royal Pavillion is a Grade I listed building, that was once the holiday home of George, the...

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