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Review: Amazon’s Echo Buds 2

Review: Amazon’s Echo Buds 2

It’s official! Amazon’s second-generation of Echo Buds are to be launched here in the UK on November 10th, following their launch in the US in May of this year. They have been redesigned with a new sleek look, and are 20% smaller than the first generation, with a case which is 40% smaller, too – making these headphones all-the-more portable.

The case has changed radically in appearance; although, as noted by TechRadar, the hinge of the cases seems to be slightly weak. They’re also extremely lightweight; each earbud weighs just 5.7 grams, down from 7.6 grams from the first-gen. Among the other changes made are LEDs that indicate battery status, and support for wireless charging as well as physical charging through USB-C.

One of the major draws of the original Echo Buds was the hands-free Alexa functionality, and of course, Amazon have continued to employ this function in...

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