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Our 11 Top Tips to Keep Your Children Safe Online

Our 11 Top Tips to Keep Your Children Safe Online

Keeping your children safe online has never been more important than it is today. But the issue that most parents face, is that there are so many different ways children have access to the internet. From mobile phones, tablets, and laptops to PlayStation and Xboxes—the list is endless.

The key focus needs to be not only on controlling and monitoring your child’s access to the internet—but more importantly teaching them about the dangers and having age appropriate open and honest conversations with them about general safety and online safety.

Having honest and non-judgemental conversations with your child about the dangers of the internet, and what they should be wary of, teaches them to make smart decisions even in the absence of your watch or control. As a parent, you can’t monitor your child 100% of the time, so you have to be sure that your child can make logical and safe decisions in your absence. Here are our top tips on how to maintain safety for your...

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