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Keeping the older generation safe online

Keeping the older generation safe online

The use of the internet has exploded in the last 25 years. Things that previously seemed impossible are now everyday occurrences, and hundreds of small tasks have gone online to save time and money for everyone involved.

This is, for most people, amazing progress. Life is busy for everyone and so if you can pay in a cheque via your bank's app rather than have to find time to get to the bank, stand in the queue and pay it in manually then so much the better. Many of the population have now either never known life without the internet or have had it for a significant period of their lives. But what about those who haven’t? We spend so much time worrying about the impact of the internet on our children, it is easy to forget the older members of our family who may find apps, passwords, cookies, and social media entirely baffling. While many of the older generation learn the ropes with admirable speed, picking up new skills and sometimes being able to teach their children and...

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