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We're here to build the future

We are passionate about helping our members protect themselves in a digital age where criminals no longer fit into the past stereotypes of boogeymen, we're living in an age when you're just as likely to become a victim of theft from someone located across the other side of the world, as someone based in your own town or city.

Our mission is to help our members protect themsleves by equipping them with the tools the digital revolution has brought us in the fight against fraud, whilst at the same time protecting our members from the very risks that come from the digital exposure we all face daily.

Social Alert

A product truly developed for the 21st Century.

With the amount of information we freely make available today on sites such as Facebook, it's extremely important to be aware of not only what information we choose to share, but more importantly who we are sharing it with?. Online fraudsters are known to constantly search social media sites for profiles revealing personal information and this is often where thieves pick out their next unassuming and innocent victims.

Using our specialist algorithms, we constantly monitor your social media activities and alert you when you share information that may be unwise and risky, after all prevention is better than cure.

ID Alert

Your identity is like your fingerprint and is unique to you. Unfortunately unlike your fingerprint your identity can be stolen and the financial damage fraudsters can do with your private information can run into tens of thousands of pounds, not to mention the long term emotional damage this type of crime can have on it's victims.

We use advanced algorithms to constantly monitor key parts of your personal information, looking out for your information being traded or swapped by organised criminals. We also monitor zero day exploits and notify you when legitimate companies have their security breached and your personal information may be compromised.

Bank Alert

We use specially developed, advanced algorithms to monitor our members personal banking information, constantly monitoring the web and other resources, allowing us to notify our members the very second we believe their details may have been compromised.

Regardless of which bank or building society our members are with, we are wathcing for potential fraudulent activites 24/7, giving our members the peace of mind they have become to expect and rely on with Social Protect